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Here we sit as an organization at the beginning of another year of exciting growth, changes and progress for early childhood in the seacoast area. Next year is full of promises to help all of us continue the Quest for Quality childcare for every child in the seacoast area. I look back on the last 21 years and realize how far we have come from a small group of frustrated directors looking for support to a strong professional organization that has started to "walk the talk" to address our needs and those of the children, families and communities that we serve. None of this would be possible without you. This organization is as strong as we make it. The greater we invest ourselves into the goals, activities, trainings, children's events of ABC, the greater impact we all can have on the quality of care. It takes each center, provider and member being active, recruiting and offering their expertise and voice to be heard by our communities and area businesses. We are headed to the millennium and its promise of a brighter future. By being part of ABC each and every member and supporter helps to insure we are working towards access, availability and quality in early childhood. It has been my honor to work with a group of talented professionals on the executive committee and within the field to bring us this far while keeping focused on continuing the quest. ~ Johanna Booth-Miner; Board member ABC

Executive Committee
President: Denise Libby
Vice President: Julie Blaisdell
Marketing & PR: Sarah Miner

Board members
Karl Durand
Johanna Booth-Miner
Tracy Pond

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